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DataMiningGrid kick-off meeting

September 27-28, 2004, Coleraine, Northern Ireland


DM-Grid 2004 - Workshop on Data Mining and the Grid

November 1, 2004, Brighton, UK

The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers from the various areas of data mining that are relevant to the emerging world of grid computing. By encouraging an exchange of ideas and perceptions, we hope to foster a comprehensive view of the benefits of grid computing to the data mining community, and of the related challenges and directions for research.

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Project summary

Future and emerging complex problem-solving environments are characterized by increasing amounts of digital data and rising demands for co-ordinated resource sharing across geographically widely dispersed sites. Next-generation Grid technologies are promising to provide the necessary infrastructure facilitating a seamless sharing of computing resources in complex problem-solving environments. Data mining has been recognized as one of the most important information technologies for automating the process of analysing and interpreting the data in modern knowledge industries and high-tech sectors such as science and engineering. Currently there exists no coherent framework for developing and deploying data-mining applications on the Grid. The DataMiningGrid project will address this gap by developing generic and sector-independent data mining tools and services for the Grid. A test bed consisting of several applications from a diverse set of sectors will serve as platform for demonstrating and promoting the technology developed by the DataMiningGrid. Because of its relevance across many sectors, the DataMiningGrid project has the potential to improve the sharing and exploitation of information in Europe and could consequently help to enhance the quality of life in Europe.

Project no: IST-2002-
Project funding: EU funding 1.833.000
Project effort: 310 person months
Project duration: 01.09.2004 - 31.08.2006

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