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  • Collaboration with other EU projects

The concertation issues of the project are dealt in workpackage 7 (WP7). The Consortium agreed to allocate 5% of the budget for this task. Concertation activities will include:

  • Organization of a mini-conference in Autumn 2005 on Data Mining in Grid Computing Environments, open for registration
  • Liaising with other EU projects and initiatives. Specifically, the project Partners will collaborate with:
  • EGEE
  • UniGrids for considering Unicore as an alternative for Globus,
  • K-Wf Grid on Grid data mining workflow management,
  • InteliGrid on interoperability issues,
  • CoreGRID with the "Institute on Knowledge and Data Management",
  • OntoGrid on data mining Grid ontology,
  • SIMDAT on data Grid aspects of data mining.

  • Collaboration with the HealthGrid cluster.


The DataMiningGrid collaboration tasks and task leading partners are the following:

Task Partner
Exploitation of synergies/technical concertation
Joint fora for the exchange and dissemination
Co-ordination of standardisation efforts
Repository of reference implementations and grid middleware
Collaboration on research inventories and roadmaps
Indicators and impact assessment
Training Activities


Updated on January 14, 2005