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  • Daimler Chrysler

The "Information Mining" (RIC/AM) group is part of the "Autonomous Systems and Pattern Recognition" Lab which, in turn, belongs to the Information Technology division within DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology. RIC/AM consists of 16 permanent members plus another 14 PhD students and temporary members. The group is headed by Prof. Reza Nakhaeizadeh, who has been active in the area of data mining and machine learning for many years. RIC/AM mainly focuses on Data Mining and Text Mining methods to provide advanced, complex decision and product support systems for business-to-customer, business-to-business, internal business, and financial business applications at DaimlerChrysler. Neural networks, symbolic machine learning, case-based reasoning , statistics and optimization as well as information filtering methods are on the list of core technologies applied, adapted, or developed by the group. Aside DaimlerChrysler internal research projects, members of the group have been involved over the past years in various successful European projects like PROMOTEX, StatLog, PRINCE, CRISP-DM, INRECA II, METAL, and INFOMAN or Networks of Excellence like MLNet II and KDNet.



Updated on January 14, 2005