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  • DataMiningGrid demonstrations of developed technologies

The tasks in workpackage 6 are concerned with the demonstration and testing of the DataMiningGrid components on the basis of a selected set of real-world applications from different domains. All individual demonstrators will follow the typical software development cycle for specifying the requirements, design, implementation, and testing in the context of the addressed demonstrator application. We will pool the specs and designs of all demonstrators in the common deliverables D61 and D62. The collection of actual demonstrator (software implementations), constitute the common deliverable D63.

A test bed consisting of several real-world applications from a diverse set of sectors will serve as a platform for demonstrating and promoting the technology developed by the DataMiningGrid. It will include application demonstrations in sectors, like bioinformatics, health care, and automotive sector. These real-world applications prototypes will demonstrate the developed DataMiningGrid technology in the following application domains:

  • Grid enabled distributed text classification and ontology learning services will be used to demonstrate their importance in industrial, civil engineering and scientific applications,
  • Gene regulation analysis will demonstrate the use of developed technology in bioinformatics sector,
  • Analysis of distributed databases will demonstrate usefulness in biomedical informatics and sanitary engineering applications, and
  • Data mining-based monitoring of grid systems will show the importance of developed technology in computer science applications.



Updated on January 12, 2005