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  • Project's dissemination and exploitation

The success of the DataMiningGrid project is related to its dissemination. All Partners are committed to achieving the highest possible degree of dissemination, both to increase their own scientific visibility, and to support diffusion of the DataMiningGrid among different application sector organizations and other relevant communities. The Exploitation Panel will define the level of dissemination and the type of information that can be made public will be defined, as well as the policies and timing for publication and patenting (where applicable). The maximum level of dissemination will be achieved through conference presentations, scientific publications, collaboration with other EU projects and press media.

The main innovation of the DataMiningGrid project is the solution of the difficult problem of enabling the access of data mining solutions and modelling tools on the grid. Deriving from this generic solution, a large number of exploitation benefits and applications can be identified, which have to be classified in quantitative (e.g. computation power) and qualitative (e.g. data mining algorithms) improvements. At this stage, the main goal of the exploitation plan is to attend to the market demand of distributed knowledge work by providing structured procedures for sharing, diffusing and exploiting the technologies.

The exploitation plan also meets the need to coordinate a joint exploitation of the outcomes produced by the Consortium. An approach to joint exploitation of knowledge and technology generated by the project foresees an agreement on IPR, facilitating:

  • Collaboration with EU projects (e.g. health, finance)
  • Satellite projects involving a subset of Partners from the Consortium
  • A possible joint venture after the end of the project.

Updated on January 13, 2005