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  • Results of the project

The following technology components were developed by the project:

  • A resource broker, which is based on the GridBus resource broker, and information services, which allow for discovery and execution of data mining software in grid environments;
  • An application enabler, which helps to grid-enable existing data mining applications and to upload them in a grid environment;
  • Grid-enabled data access and integration services to identify (locate), access, integrate and interface distributed data sources (files or relational databases) in a flexible way; and
  • A workflow manager and editor components, which is based on Triana and facilitates the composition, execution and management of complex data mining workflows in grid environments;

The figures below represent the graphical user interface of the workflow manager and editor. For more details please check the articles published in IEEE Internet Computing and Future Generation Computer Systems.

The workflow editor and manager represent an user-friendly front-end to the grid infrastructure. The results were demonstrated on the basis of eight real-world applications from a diverse set of sectors.

For example, here is the grid-wide application explorer:

application explorer



Updated on December 2, 2008