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  • Consortium overview

DataMiningGrid consortium constitutes of universities and research centres of excellence and an automotive company, geographically spreading from the northern-most part of Northern Ireland to Israel, with the required expertise (experience and knowledge) and capacity to carry out the tasks of the present project.

The table below provides an overview of the DataMiningGrid Consortium partners, their main areas of activity and their role in the project.

Organisation name and abbreviation
Area of activity
Role in the project
University of Ulster (UL)
UUlogo UK
University teaching and research centre
Project Co-ordinator, Data Services and bioinformatics demonstrations
Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems (FHG)
Research and technology development centre
Requirements specification and validation, Services development, workflow management
Daimler Chrysler (DC)
Automative company with Research Centre with focus on IT
Text mining and ontologies, application to quality problems
Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION)
University teaching and research centre
Middleware development, technical control
University of Ljubljana (LJU)
University teaching and research centre
Qualitiy control, real world applications, workflow management, dissemination and exploitation


Updated on January 12, 2005