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workflow editor


The Triana workflow editor (see figure below) serves as an end-user interface. It is the only system component, which must be installed locally on the end-user's computer.

In DataMiningGrid we developed workflow components in order to facilitate, which allow data mining specialists to build and execute distributed data mining applications. It helps them to manage various aspects such as grid-enabling existing programs, parameters set-up, job submission, job monitoring, and error handling. The editor also provides significant support for hiding technological details of the grid infrastructure. The developed components also help to develop complex data mining tasks, which may consist of numerous steps (e.g. accessing, transformation, and data pre-processing).

The figure below shows an example how the workflow editor is used. It shows how Weka’s J48 algorithm is executed in the grid environment. In this simple task, a classifier is used to produce a model with an error rate below a certain threshold.

The editor components developed by DataMiningGrid are very sophisticated and allow to grid-enable and use numerous data mining programs in a grid environment.

triana_workflow_for J48



Updated on December 3, 2008